The Vanity

The Vanity is a collective of visual effects artists, colourists, and motion designers. We work alongside imaginative people to create extraordinary visual effects and motion graphics.

The word “Vanity” means “having excessive pride in appearance” and that is how we work.  We obsess over minutiae because we take a lot of pride in what we do; it’s these details that take the good to great and the great to the exceptional.

With over 30 years experience between them, vfx directors Sean Cochrane and Naveen
Srivastava have created motion graphics and visual effects for over 1000 commercials as well as television id’s, show opens and title sequences.
The breadth of our combined experience gives us an extremely wide and diversified portfolio of creative solutions to offer.  We can work very quickly and turnaround massive projects under very tight deadlines.
The Vanity is known in Canada for its ability to problem solve outside the normal VFX toolkit.