Drew MacEachern

Drew’s incursion into Broadcast Design came well after a strong tenure in print design, and he brings a print sensibility, both typographic and compositionally, to every spot he directs. With regards to his toolset he is an admitted generalist “I like to mix together the proper ingredients”, though he does have one specialty “making it awesome.”
After co-founding Antenna in 1999, Drew has worked closely with every major agency in Toronto and been tapped to direct projects for Taxi, E1 Entertainment, FCB Toronto, Bensimone-Byrne, Molson, NBA Canada, Nettwerk America, Chum Television, Steam Whistle Brewing Co., Labatt Brewing Company, Pfizer, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Players Film Company, MuchMusic and Much USA, Pizza Pizza and Molson Coors Brewing, Capital One, Air Canada, and—wait for it—Iron Maiden.
“Nothing gets me more excited than a well-realized project which also stretches some limitations, which sits outside the norm. Even by a couple of inches.”